French’s Meat has been selling wholesale since the late ‘70’s. One of our very first customers was the Goldstein family, the original owners of Long Wong’s; we are proudly selling to Ron Goldstein today. We started out with a handful of customers back then, and we are still selling to most of those same customers today.  Our family-run business has grown since then, 90% of our business today is wholesale.  We take pride in our products and believe in selling them at a fair price.

Our ground beef is ground fresh daily using only boneless beef and our beef trim. We have never used any type of fillers, soy, organs, preservatives or color enhancers in our ground beef, and never will.  All of our ground beef patties are made to order. Our Gourmet burgers are a custom blend of boneless beef, sirloin, and brisket, also made to order.

All of our steaks are cut fresh to order.

Our sausage is hand made fresh every night, on premises using the freshest ingredients. We use freshly ground pork and add our custom blend of spices, no MSG or fillers are ever added.

Our boneless skinless chicken breasts are always fresh and sized to order. We receive over 2500 lb. of boneless skinless chicken breast twice a week and sort and size them ourselves.


For information about becoming a wholesale customer, please fill out the inquiry form.

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